Works with Google Drive

You can upload files from your PC or Google Drive.

All in the cloud

Our servers in the cloud process your files and you don't need to install anything on your computer. Isn't that great?

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Any operating system works

This addons works on all computers - the operating system you use doesn't matter.

To begin using our browser addon, you need to install the extension first from the Chrome Webstore/Edge Webstore depending on the web browser you are using.

This extension adds a button to the top right bar (next to chat & participant list) to enable grid-view in Google Meet. Grid view gives every participant an equal sized video for use in meetings without a primary speaker.

Added in "Push to Talk" functionality as well. By default, this functionality is switched off. This is useful to prevent meeting blunders as you need to press the "space bar" to begin talking. Removes the risk of having "live microphone" if you are not the presenter/do not need to speak all the time.

Welcome to Grid View Google Meet

Thank you for installing and using our extension


- Adds a toggle to use a grid layout in Google Meets.


1. Install and open.

- After installing the extension. You click on the icon of that extended version.